I specialize in drawing commissioned fine art portraits, that are done from your

photographs. You can also order fantasy-drawings or anything you would like.


I work in pen and carcoal.


Portrait drawings are created to give you a lifetime memory of a special friend.

Pencil drawings are the most frequent work undertaken for various reasons.

One reason is that the pencil gives the artist the ability to produce a tremendous

range of tones and effects, and, in turn, allows accurate reproduction of facial detail,

highlights and shadow. A favourite photograph of a loved one can be pencil-drawn

at a very reasonable cost, but will be an enhancement from the original photograph

giving more depth and character to the person portrayed.


Pets can be the most important friend and companion, and truly a member of the family.

Original Pet Portraits are a wonderful and unique way to honor your special pet(s) who

have enriched your life, or to remember those we have lost.

They can also make a unique gift for someone you know to treasure forever.


Photographs just can’t do justice to our loyal, beloved pets. That’s why artist

Cicci Forsgren offers you affordable pet portraits drawn just for you from your favorite

photos and strive to include every detail of your pet in their Portrait.


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